Buthainer saves money to pay her school fees

Buthainer, a 12 year old girl from Uganda notes: “I save my money so that it can help me in paying my school fees. My father doesn't have enough money to pay my school fees, which is the only challenge I face.”

Now that Aflatoun has taught Buthainer about her rights as a child she notes: “I have learnt my rights and responsibilities as a child... a right is a natural freedom that every child must get or enjoy like right to education, feeding, medical care, and right to norms. For me, I enjoy the feeding right but I don't enjoy the education right fully because I have a problem of school fees, but some girls don't enjoy a right to education... the girl child... the parents think that if the girls grow up they will get married and they will only educate the boys?





Aflatoun provides children with the building blocks of life, encouraging them to save their resources and start social and financial microenterprises. Through Social & Financial Education, children are empowered to make a positive change in their lives and in their communities and may eventually break the cycle of poverty.

Today, Aflatoun and its partners are helping children learn about their rights, save and start enterprises in 80 countries. The map below indicated the countries in which Aflatoun is present.

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