Aflatoun's motto:

“Separate fiction from fact. Explore, think, investigate and act.”


The Aflatoun teaching methodology encourages “learning by doing”. The curriculum provides structured lessons that use on games, art and theatre ensuring that learning is joyful as well as effective. Teachers are trained in progressive teaching methodologies that ensure children participate actively in an atmosphere free from the threat of violence and full of laughter and learning. Aflatoun leads children through their learning journey and helps to create emotional attachment between children and the programme material. 

The Aflatoun School Based Curriculum (6-14 years)

The Aflatoun curriculum is based on five core elements. 1) Personal understanding and exploration. 2) Understanding and exploring rights and responsibilities. 3) The concept of saving and spending. 4) Learn how to plan and budget, skills that make them aware that they have choices and control over how they can use their resources. 5) Children demonstrate and practice their learning through social and financial micro-enterprises where they collaborate as a team and discover how they can make the local community a safer, healthier and fairer environment.

The Aflateen Manual (15-18 years)

Aflatoun has collaborated with The MasterCard Foundation to develop the Aflateen curriculum - Social and Financial Education for Youth - based on research and consultation with stakeholders. The Aflateen Manual is designed for young people aged 15 and above. It guides them to reflect on their lives, learn to explore issues and problems in society and acquire life skills that help them become engaged citizens. The Aflateen Manual is a guide for adult or peer educators and/or facilitators. It is mostly designed as structured learning activities to foster experiential learning. At the end of the programme participants will be able to: 

  • Reflect on their identities, values and beliefs as well as their relationships with family, friends and communities
  • Explore society and investigate how people can contribute or hinder the realisation of rights
  • Know and value responsible use and accumulation of financial, natural and other kinds of resources (profit, planet and people)
  • Demonstrate ability to conduct planning and budgeting activities towards a desired goal
  • Conducting enterprises which have a positive effect in their communities

The Non-Formal Education Manual (6-18 years)

The Non-Formal Education Manual is a guide for facilitators of the Aflatoun programme for non-formal education learners (e.g. children in need of special protection who are in child care homes) and children learning in non-formal settings in social and financial enterprise. The Manual contains various activities that will help the children attain the objectives of the Aflatoun programme and develop the core competencies Aflatoun seeks to inculcate among children. At the end of the programme, participants will be able to

  • Appreciate and respect their own uniqueness and special characteristics as well as the uniqueness and special characteristics of others
  • Appreciate and defend their rights and those of others, while fulfilling their responsibilities as good citizens
  • Know and value the appropriate use of natural material and financial resources and prioritize their use in a responsible manner
  • Value the importance of planning and budgeting resources
  • Set goals, plan and coordinate resources, and implement plans accordingly
  • Design and manage social and financial enterprises that contribute to self-improvement, the school and community, and
  • Demonstrate perseverance, responsibility, critical thinking and creativity