Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures


On this page we provide you the most recent and up-to-date facts and figures about Aflatoun.


Number of countries live today: 81

Numbers collected end 2010:
Number of children reached: over 1.1 million
Number of schools and non-formal education centers: 8.391
Number of actively saving children: 486.435 (= 44%)
Average amount saved per month: 0,11 EUR
Total amount saved: EUR 1.439.561
Social enterprises: 3218
Financial enterprises: 5111

Curriculum 6-14, formal setting available in: English, French, Spanish and Arabic
Curriculum contextualisation: 60 editions and 30 languages
Curriculum 6-18, non-formal setting available in: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Amharic and Albanian
Curriculum 15-18, formal setting: 6 languages


The Aflatoun Curricula

 Children aged 6-14, formal setting

In formal settings, the Aflatoun Curriculum is delivered  through eight workbooks. These books are available as regional sets in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Today partners have contextualized their Aflatoun material into 41 editions and 24 different languages. The regional flavor of the books was enhanced by graphic design and illustrations by creative artists from the respective regions.

Children and teenagers aged 6-18, non-formal setting

The Non-Formal Education (NFE) manual is designed for the learning facilitators and can be used for two general target groups: children in need of special protection or non-formal learners (out of school youth, street children, abused children in institutions, children in conflict with the law, children in drop-in centers, among others) and children in non-formal settings (micro-finance institution clubs, after school clubs). It is designed to address different issues that can make learning challenging for both groups. This book is currently available in six languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Amharic. It will soon be available in Arabic and Mandarin.

Teenagers aged 15-18, formal setting

A curriculum for teenagers is currently being revised and tested by some of our partners (called Aflateen). It is designed as a manual for educators and facilitators, and aims to guide young people to reflect on their lives, learn to explore issues and problems in society and acquire life skills that help them become engaged citizens. It is specifically designed to address the learning needs of teenagers and young adults. The curriculum for pilot will be available by the end of 2010 in six languages.

Complementary materials

To help complement the learning materials, the Children's Activity Book was also created. This resource book serves as a collection of activities and games for teachers or learning facilitators as a supplement for the Aflatoun workbooks.

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