This section attempts to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Why the name 'Aflatoun'?

The name "Aflatoun" was chosen by children in the Indian programme and was inspired by a character in a Bollywood film. It has an Arabic origin and re… Continue »

What is Child Friendly Banking?

Aflatoun's Child Friendly Banking (CFB) works to ensure every child's access to an individual savings account. The initiative targets global and count… Continue »

Aren't there more pressing areas to spend development money?

Of course, satisfying the basic survival needs (e.g. food, shelter, education etc) of the children participants is a precondition for a programme such… Continue »

Aren't children in developing economies too poor to save?

Indeed, the target group for Aflatoun in many countries is poor children. These children will not have much money to save, but experience Continue »

Can children really participate in matters that affect them and their communities?

The international child rights movement has collected many wonderful examples of children identifying their own problems and solving them. What childr… Continue »

Can children understand the concepts of money and saving?

Before the concept was rolled out in Continue »

Will the programme stimulate child labour and/or reduce school attendance?

Aflatoun is mindful of the risks. Keeping the minimum savings amount as low as possible and placing a limit on the largest savings amount helps preven… Continue »

What if parents oppose their children's participation or force them to withdraw money saved?

Parental attitudes have an impact on the savings behaviour of children. Parents may prevent their children from joining the programme or force childre… Continue »

What if schools and education department officials do not welcome the Aflatoun Programme?

There are two major reasons why schools might be hesitant to participate in Aflatoun. First, they may fear it will be too time-consuming, and second,… Continue »

What are the legal issues regarding children saving money?

In many countries children are not allowed to open savings accounts, as they are still legally minors. Therefore the savings accounts are not opened a… Continue »